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My Nanny, My Partner

We are going through the bittersweet process of transitioning nannies again. Today is our last day with our current nanny, who joined us about a year ago, and we are preparing our hearts for saying goodbye. It’s funny that as I write this, we are also a couple days away from Spring Break, which we’ll…

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Shifting With The Landscape

The pace of change is accelerating. How do we best equip and “future-proof” our children for our continually shifting world? It’s no news that the pace of change is accelerating. The amount of information available at our fingertips, the ways we communicate and interact with the world, the development of technology and AI – it’s…

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Taking Each Moment In Stride

“Each of your kids have had a different set of parents.” I heard this the other day and it kind of blew my mind, as it dawned on me how true it was. Because of the way that we grow in our parenthood or as individuals, because of how each child is different and faces…

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Newborn Sweetness

What is it that makes holding a newborn so sweet? Certainly, it must be those cherubic cheeks and chins that invite you in to snuggle close and get lost in that sweet newborn scent of theirs. Or those beautiful, bright little eyes that, in taking you in, take your breath away. Or those delicate little…

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God Is Still Sovereign

Do we really believe that God is sovereign? Reflections on our current environment on the eve of the 2020 US election and why I am holding on to hope. I am feeling encouraged. This is in significant contrast to how I felt even a few months ago and certainly from how I have felt for…

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A Mother Is Born

When a child is born, so is a mother. Four years ago today, I became a mother for the first time. That moment was truly the most profound of my life; a whole new part of me came into being, one that I had no prior concept of. In that moment, it was as if…

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On Disease and Suffering Pt. V – God Begins to Speak

Reflections on the age old question of how a good God can allow disease and suffering in this world. This will be part IV in however many posts it takes for me to write about how God has responded to my questions over the last few years. While those instances of blessing and answered prayers…

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