Motherhood Is Hard

It’s ok to feel like things are hard. Just because we aren’t superhuman, it doesn’t mean moms aren’t superheroes.

Motherhood. It is the most beautiful thing – but also the hardest thing. The most rewarding thing – but also the most exhausting, backbreaking thing.

I started this page to help me keep perspective and stay present in the midst of the craziness and chaos of being a mom, in hopes it would also help others do the same. To remind myself of what matters when the day to day rush seems to take over. To remind myself that no matter how hard it is, it is still worth it. Today was one of those days I needed these reminders.

Two toddlers are tough. Being a full time mom is tough. Being a working mom is tough. Being an allergy mom is tough. Being a mom period, in whatever circumstances, is tough.

It’s scary to get vulnerable but here goes. Sometimes there are moments I wonder how everyone else does it. If it’s just easier for everyone else. If others just have more capacity. Sometimes I wonder how I’m going to get through the day, let alone the next couple years.

I reached out for help today. We’ve had some big stressors recently, and when I thought it was finally starting to get better, my son had a little accident a couple nights ago that ended with an emergency procedure. Today, at one point, even with dad helping as best he could, with two inconsolable kids screaming and only wanting mommy, I had to just stop, sit, and cry myself. I finally had the strength to pick up the phone and text for some support.

As moms, we love our kids so much. We want to give them the best the world has to offer, including the best of ourselves. It can be crushing to feel like you aren’t living up to your own ideals. Yet, we are all human. It’s ok to need help. It’s ok to feel like things are hard. It’s more universal than we think it is. It’s ok that we aren’t perfect. It doesn’t mean our love isn’t. And just because we aren’t superhuman, it doesn’t mean moms aren’t superheroes.

So here’s to all the struggling mamas out there. It’s ok. Give yourself some grace. You are the only one your kids call mama. You are special. You are awesome. You are strong. And you are not alone.

Migrated post from On Being Mommy.

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