Perfectly Imperfect

This is life right now…and we’re OK with that. In fact, we love it.

I have to admit – at first, I was super disappointed. Our three-year-old just completely wasn’t having it the day of our family photo shoot. This shoot was meant to round out our daughter’s first full year, and we had been looking forward to doing an on-location family portrait session outdoors. Plus, we had already fully paid for the short time we had with our talented photographer. But none of that matters to a toddler, right? 😉

Daddy tries comforting him

Big comforting hugs with Mommy

We were trying everything we could to comfort and calm him as the clock kept ticking, to no avail. We were so bummed, especially me, as we cherish these sessions given how quickly the kids are changing and growing. Finally, we just decided to turn in and give up. It was just too hard on him in the moment, and we didn’t think it was fair. As I held and hugged him close, I wavered between crying and laughing…but then, hubby and I looked at each other, and we started smiling…and then just burst out laughing. We both realized at the exact same moment that this is just life right now, and it is perfect. So we asked our photographer if she could just shoot the moment, and she gladly obliged.

Our lives certainly aren’t picture perfect. But this is our life! We will never get this time back again. We have no doubt that one day we will long to relive these moments again – tantrums, tears, and all.

And for the record, we love these!

Thank you to our photographer @mirandanorthphoto for perfectly capturing our family. We love these.

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