What did Christ’s coming mean if there is still suffering in this world?

It’s hard to reconcile what Christ’s coming means – what “Jesus putting an end to death” means – when there is still so much pain, suffering, and death in this world.

Yes, He bled and died to put an end to death…but how can that be when death is still so very much a part of this life? I’m freshly learning now though, that it means that in our next life, there will no longer be death, no dying, no mourning. That it means there is a next life.

But…what about today? What about now? Well, I’m realizing it means that we now have hope. We now have confidence. Christmas means we now have Emmanuel – “God with us”. God is now with us. And that IS life, HE is life, and He’s for today. That is what He came and died for. That we now have God, that we can now be with God. That we are not alone.

That’s what I’m realizing Christmas means, what this season is about. We are not alone. We can trust that He is with us. That the King is coming, that He has come. He is for today, His blessing is for today, that His Kingdom is near, that Heaven is here…but at the same time, not quite here yet. But that as we wait, as we continue longing for life, He is present with us in our longing.

This year, Advent is taking on a whole new level of meaning. But I’m grateful for the way He speaks, loves, and comforts each day. So we don’t lose heart, we don’t lose hope. We don’t give up. We cling on to Him. For His name is Emmanuel.

Originally posted on December 24, 2013

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