His Mother Heart

A special Word from the Lord that spoke to my heart this Mother’s Day.

This necklace was especially meaningful this Mother’s Day. Last month, when we were hit with all of our baby boy’s medical issues and I was on the brink of losing it, Daniel came into the room to share what he felt like was an encouraging word from the Lord for me.

Over the prior few weeks, there had been a bird trying to build a nest on the roof of our porch. Daniel actually had been annoyed by it because it kept falling apart and was making a mess. But that morning, the mama bird finally succeeded and was resting on her newly made nest. He was so struck and moved, and felt that God was showing him just how special, strong, and persistent He has created moms to be. He felt like it was a word for me, to encourage me. I went out to see it too, and for the next couple of days, it was encouraging to see this mama bird and how she worked so hard to prepare for and care for her babies.

We were devastated a few days later when we came home to find that the gardener washed it away.

Two weeks later, I was still dealing with the shock and post-traumatic stress from all that we dealt with that one week. I was feeling so disconnected from God. That day at church, they invited people up for prayer. I wasn’t feeling it but went to get prayer anyway. I didn’t share what I needed prayer for, just that I needed some. The person praying for me waited on the Lord for a while, and then prayed “This might sound weird, but instead of God the Father, I feel like God wants you to know His heart as a Mother towards you right now. God is also God the Mother, and He sees your heart. And I am getting a picture of a mama bird over her nest. It is a picture of you over your children and also a picture of God over you. He knows what you are going through, He understands. He loves you, and I pray that you will be able to expect good from the Lord again.”

Needless to say, I totally broke down, and shared afterward about what a confirmation this was from the Lord, and told her about the mama bird who built her nest. I did also share about how sad I was that the nest was washed away, and how I wished she would come back and build her nest again. So it was so healing to have her pray these words and confirm that He had sent that bird to encourage me.

I thought that was the end of the story. But believe it or not, the bird came back this morning. On Mother’s Day. And she’s building her nest again.

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